Welcome to my website. I am a photographer based in Darwin, Australia's northern most capital city, situated just south of the equator.

My cameras and lenses are the tools I use to capture the wonders I see around me. Surprisingly I'm inspired by diverse subjects - from the man made creations of architecture, sculpture and engineering marvels through to natural landscapes and the fascinating creatures and plants that live there.

I prefer to use natural light, especially the soft palette of the early mornings and late evenings, and while it might be more challenging the results are certainly more spectacular.

My images feature in publications as well as enhancing online sites for government agencies and private sector businesses. I'm available for commissioned work, excelling in architecture, infrastructure, landscapes and wildlife.

Do contact me if you would like to purchase any of my images or would like to commission a new set of "images with impact" or alternatively I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for viewing my portfolio of images.

Tissa Ratnayeke
p: 0417 659 755
e: click here to email me